What is a “nanoceramic coating” and why is it the best application method?

Nanoceramic coating is a process of applying a microscopic coating made up of ceramics and other inorganic nanoparticles. Tac Co uses a proprietary nanoceramic formulation that acts as the delivery method for the antimicrobial and disinfectants that we embed into our coatings. This nanoceramic delivery method shields the active ingredients from wear for longer time periods, allowing them to continuously protect the coated surfaces.

How does the product cure?

Our nanoceramic coating is unique in the fact that it can be air cured without the need for a specialized industrial oven environment (heat cured). This makes it ideal for everyday and in-the-field use.

In a more specialized environment, do you have professional applicators?

Whether you would like one of our professionally certified applicators or if your team would prefer to be trained and certified on the process, we can accommodate to make sure you are confident in the end result.

How long does the product continue to offer protection? Study reference?

Due to our unique nanoceramic delivery system, our coatings boast industry-leading lifespan. Nanoceramics only break down through physical abrasion. While the EPA does not currently have an effective way of certifying coating longevity, our internal testing consistently shows 90+ days of continuous protection.

How do we maintain our coated surfaces after application?

Unlike our competitors, you can continue your normal cleaning regimen without fear of harming or reducing the lifespan of your Tac Co coatings.

What if I don't see my specific use on your website?

It would be nearly impossible to list every application and benefit on our website. If you don't see it here, chances are we've still successfully done a similar project. Even if it is truly a unique application, our team of chemists can custom develop the coating that is perfect for your use case.

Can you feel the coating after it has been applied?

Our coatings only go on 3 to 5 microns thick - that's 20 times thinner than a human hair. This allows for a smooth application that won't change the feeling of the applied surface.

How do I become a certified applicator?

Feel free to reach out to our applicator resource team via email. We do not cut corners when it comes to our applicator partners. Application experience and knowledge is required - no exceptions. Once approved, we have an in-depth and hands-on training regimen that ensure your future success.

Is this coating VOC exempt?

Yes! Every coating line we offer is VOC exempt.

I want to white-label and resell Tac Co coatings. Is that possible?

Absolutely. Our team of product specialists will help you choose the right product lines and help you bring it to market quickly.

Where is Tac Co based out of?

We proudly research, develop, manufacture, and ship right here in the USA.